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Neon Dreaming

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Evoking memories of joy in vivid neons, this picture reminds me of my first holiday in Majorca when we visited the caves of Drac, The water reflecting and shimmering showing the stalactites and stalagmites. It is filled with joyful emotions, swims in a shimmery sea later that day. The brightest of neons make this a picture a great way to fill your space with joy.  The way I work is intuitive, I don't know how a piece will turn out, but I let my mind go and just know what colours to chose and where to go next with the process. Created using pallet knives, hands and some brush.

My work is created intuitively and I reach for paints and brushes/pallet knives using an inner knowing and stop to look at the canvas and finish with a few strokes.

Acrylics on canvas - 59 inch length by 48 inch height (149.86 cm x 121.92cm)

This is an original work of art on canvas, signed by the artist and is not framed.

Ready to hang on your wall.

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