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My work contains moments and the feelings that I had within them. It contains emotions mostly joy, as I am inspired by sunlight and swimming.

Vanessa Clark aka Stickyness a fine artist based in my Sandgate, Folkestone studio, only a pebble throw from the beach, I create vivid paintings with memories of the sea woven within them. My paintings are frequently inspired by the bright colours of beach huts and the dreamy translucent hues found within ebb and flow of the Ocean.

I've always created....

Some of my earliest memories are of painting, including the day I was discovered (by my Mum) trying to cover up a huge dollop of bright blue paint I had spilt all over the carpet and tried to cover it up with talcum powder, of all things! 

When I paint I return to a state of childlike awe, held in a sense of wonderment. The time whizzes past so quickly without me being aware of it, or even myself. There is an instinctive sense of knowing which paint brush, colour or texture I need to create to form the piece and achieve the qualities I search for.  I am intrinsically drawn to certain colours which lift the spirit and energise.

I have a deep connection to brightly coloured clothes and was always dressing up when I was a kid. My Nan had massive boxes that I used to dive into, climbing on top and jumping in, rummaging through each treasure of texture and colour. In parallel, I think the sheer joy of delving into the wonderful treasures within those childhood boxes is present in the translucent, ethereal layers found in my art.

Here in Folkestone and throughout my days as a child, the waves of colour and the shimmering, iridescent, glints and glimmers on the sea inspire me. I saunter across the road to the beach most mornings come Winter or Summer, to immerse myself in the ocean. I feel I channel the energy of water and sky both physically and creatively.

Others have described my paintings as full of the energy of life and of healing. Once a painting is finished, a deep sense of fulfilment and contentment settles upon me. Like a part of me has shown itself a balancing my emotions, spirit and body. It's a spiritual practice, a download from the universe! The colours and textures of this transmutation are contained within my work for all to see, experience and connect with.



November2012 – Exhibition at the Andrew Kane Holistic Centre, Brighton.

LaVie Gallery 2013 Cherry Tree and Fluttering of Autumn leaves.

2015- Clark’s ‘Fluttering of Autumn Leaves’ painting went to auction, where all proceeds were donated to The Teenage Cancer Trust. 

June 2015 Vanessa took part in a exhibition at Chilstone as part of South East Arts. mosaics and art in their beautiful landscaped gardens.

July 2015  - Exhibition at The Foundry Gallery to raise funds for LewesFC

Dec 2016 - Salon Des Source for the openHouses in Brighton and Hove, showing her controversial Ooh la la collages.

2017 - Summer Salon Des Source showing her mosaics.

2017 and 2018 - Lewes FC Art show

2019 - St Augustine’s Rough Diamond Arts,  Brighton

2019 – Mc Gillan and Woodell, Ramsgate ‘Kaleidoscope of Life’

2020 – Glimpse 53, Folkestone – a selection of abstract art and mosaics

2022 - Jan and Feb - Stables Gallery, Folkestone  - Underneath the surface - Resident artist - 2 months - fine art show/ mosaics and mosaic classes and fishy wishy light class.

2022 - March - 8 Squared Gallery. 64 The Old High St, Folkestone - Go with the flow - solo Open studio - March 2022 The Old High St Folkestone


2022 - May - Folklore, 69 The High St, Folkestone, CT20 1RN - 3 pieces

2022 - May - Cafe Pieres, 104 The High St, Sandgate, Folketone, CT20 3BY

2022 - May - The Ship Resturant, Sandgate High St, Sandgate, Folkestone 

May 25 - 29th - 'Seas the day' work inspired by the sea, sea swimming and conservation of wild life, with Robert Buchanan, Sue Bridge, Maggie Williams, Deryl Gilham - Jones, The Brewery Tap, UCA exhibition space, 53 Tontine St, Folkestone, CT20 1J - 11 - 6pm each day and Friday till 9pm with drinks for @lastfridays - your are invited to attend.


Email: ness@thehouseofstickyness.co.uk



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