Fine artist Folkestone, mosaic workshop encourager & creative coach - Vanessa Clark

My mission in life is to encourage myself and others to let go, go with the flow, get inspired and be creative, we were all born to create!

A bit about the artist..                                                                                                            Upcoming art exhibition folkestone..

Hi I'm Vanessa Clark aka Stickyness, Folkestone fine artist, mosaic workshop encourager and creative coach.

My joy in life is to create, brightly coloured, Vivid, multi layered paintings that look almost 3d. Using pallet knives, paint brushes and my hands to create energy filled, vibrant abstract pieces. The acrylics are almost alive, energy is flowing through each piece and a feeling a memory is encased within each. I have been told that these pieces evoke feelings and bring joy to my clients. As they do to me as I create them.

My mosaic classes encourage you that anything is possible with a love for creativity. I show you how to cut mosaics, where to source mosaic and how to grout.

Stuck with your creative practice, music, art, poetry, acting etc? Do call on me as an NLP trained coach and fully immersed creative, I can encourage you to know what you want and we can together help you step into your best life! Into what you were born to do! With the tools and encouragement to go and do it.

Pictured here  @8 squared gallery, folkestone creating - explosion of joy - original has sold, contact me for signed giclee.

Vanessa Clark who opened her show Tuesday has already sold 2 pieces in one day since the opening 'Hot house flowers' at The UCA project space, the brewery tap gallery, 53 Tontine St, Folkestone  ct20 1jr. 

If your coming from London St Panras Folkestone is only 50 minutes and there are plenty of things to see and do including the harbour arm with its wonderful food outlets, the old high st and Tontine St for galleries and shops.Tontine St also has a show at the stables gallery by Dee Taylor, 'clouds' with etheiral oil paintings of clouds. Also at the folkestone art gallery you will find more of my work and mosaics and some other stunning work by other folkestone artists and also gorgeous plants and furniture.

Hot house flowers..
The show is inspired by the idea of flowers that are melting in the heat. The colourful works are a feel good collecion that will uplift and fill your home with good vibes. Vanessa's work in inspired by her Buddhist chanting, sea swims and love of nature. Open 11 till 4pm from the 2nd to 14th Aug - appointment by request - message 0774 8901188







Neon dreaming (April 2022 creating in the studio)

This 3d abstract acrylic piece draws you in, to its multi layered depths. Within it are memories, a visit to the caves of Drac in Majorca when I was little. The feeling of that day are encased in this painting. My paintings bring forth memories and feelings out of me so I can share them with you and evoke the feeling of electricity of a rush of vivid joy and happiness.

Using pallet knives, paint brush and hands on creation, my latest creation is taking shape.

Vivid neon acrylics on canvas, a mesmerising painting that evokes a feeling of joy. Multilayer of bright colours provides a energetic feeling to any room within your home. More close up photos below.


Neon dreaming- photos of current piece

Hideaway Cottage, Sandgate, Folkestone

phone 0774 8901188


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